Once Upon a Mickey Tee started when Katie & David realized they could combine Katie's endless love for everything Disney with her knack for layout & design. Together they ventured into the inky world of screen printing and OUAMT was born!

Katie & David love creating items that bring a little more magic to every day. Katie's designs are inspired by a lifetime of travelling to Disney and all the memories her and David create in the happiest place on Earth. They are both is incredibly grateful for the chance to use her passion to bring happiness to others. Together, Katie & David make every OUAMT item by hand (sometimes their kittens help too) and pack them up with all the pixie dust they can find!



Owner . Graphic Designer . Disney Lover . Screenprinter

Katie is just your average Disney Kid who found a way to mix her passion for everything Mouse with her love for creating! She makes every Once Upon a Mickey Tee design and has over the last few months started hand drawing and hand lettering our new designs herself (Very Merry, Main Street Magic, and Trick or Treat are 100% Katie-drawn to name a few). Katie is also the (self-taught) screen printer of the organization and she personally prints every single tee! Beyond design and production, Katie is the voice behind the squares on Instagram putting her English background to good use and the web-tech behind our shop and blog.




Owner . Shipping & Inventory . Voice of Reason . Best Hubby Ever

David is a Disney Kid by marriage, it was the food that really won him over though! He's a Chemical Engineer by trade and soon to be starting his new job as a Nuclear Engineer but until then Katie puts him to work! David manages ordering, the incredible & huge inventory that let's us be an always open shop, and keeps Katie from turning every single design gold (seriously, what's wrong with that?). 









In addition to the incredible pictures David and Katie receive from customers and the pictures they capture together, they are also lucky enough to get to work with the absolutely phenomenal Faison Anne! Faison takes the most magical pictures they've ever seen and brings all of Katie's dreams to life! You'll find her work throughout our site on our homepage and in listing pictures. You can find out more about her work and services on her website here!

Also! These two gorgeous girls are Abby (left) and Chelsea (right) they might possibly be even bigger Disney Kid's than Katie and are two of our beautiful brand reps! You'll see them and other brand reps throughout our site!